— Him —
Denver wasn't a name.
It was a cuss word.
One my daddy liked shouting from his worn-out stained recliner at the front of our even more run down double wide trailer.
My life was shit from the time my junkie mother gave birth to me in Denver.
It was made even shittier when my sperm donor of a father put this leaking tin roof over our heads and nearly starved me to death.
...then I met her.
I smelled bad, my clothes didn't fit, and I hadn't had a proper meal in weeks.
My toes were poking out the front of my shoe, my ribs were showing and in my thirteen years I'd never known kindness or had a friend.
...then I got to know her.
I'd never been held, I'd never been kissed, and I didn't know what it truly meant to care for someone.
...then I got to hold, hug, and fall in love with her.
My clothes finally fit, I ate steak for the first time, and I was deeply consumed with an angel named Grace.
...then I lost her.

— Her —
My mother was my best friend. The epitome of kindness and love and everything more you could want from a parent.
Then she left me to the wolves.
I'd never had men in my life, never met my father, never saw my mom date.
...then he brought me into his home.
I'd never been picked on, treated poorly or even hurt.
...then I only knew pain.
I'd never known the true meaning of evil, immoral or cruel.
...then I saw hell.

~Denver's story spans over thirty years.
Recommended 18+

Denver was first introduced in The Ugly Roses Trilogy as an employee of Ryder's company; Callaghan Security.